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Media Advisory/Photo Op - Rain date in effect: Scotiabank's Summer of FREE movie tour visits Midland with The Great Outdoors in cottage country

But critics have a job to do and rarely can inform their editors that they'd like to opt out of reviewing a particular movie. Clearly none of them wants to come down too hard on the little blue characters. Neil Genzlinger in the New York Times simply remarks, The movie doesn't have the wit of the first installment and seems as if it might be hard for young children to follow, though who knows with young children? Mark Olsen in the Los Angeles Times concludes that it's no markedly Kim Kardashian tape better or worse than the first and with just enough difference to lay claim to being something new. And while Phil Brown in the Toronto Globe and Mail argues that the movie is deeply irritating for an adult, the does concede that the target audience should eat up this new round of Smurf shenanigans (Smurfanigans?) to the dismay of the parents who love their children enough to sit through the schmaltz. But Kyle Smith in the New York Post remarks that the film simply carries on with the legacy of inanity and the most positive thing he has to say about it is that occasionally there's a contemporary or grown-up reference to freshen up this moldy blue cheese.
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Markets close in 1 hr 53 mins Fed Watch Fed slightly lowers outlook, will keep bond-buying program intact Media Advisory/Photo Op - Rain date in effect: Scotiabank's Summer of FREE movie tour visits Midland with The Great Outdoors in cottage country Press Release: Scotiabank 1 hour 57 minutes ago 58.27 -0.5000 MIDLAND, ON, July 31, 2013 /CNW/ - Scotiabank presents the Summer of FREE national movie tour which gives Canadians an opportunity to vote for and watch movies in unique outdoor venues for free. The tour's next stop is Midland, Ontario on Thursday, August 1 at Little Lake Park. What better place to see The Great Outdoors than at a picturesque park on a lake? Canadians across the country helped to choose the winning movie through the Summer of FREE Facebook Contest - www.facebook.com/Scotiabank - that asked: Which vacation movie would you want to see in the great outdoors? The Great Outdoors earned the top spot with 36.9% of the vote. Attendees are invited to bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit back and relax under the stars while they're captivated by a summer classic on a 40-foot outdoor movie screen.
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Princess Diana gazes from 'Vanity Fair' for new movie

Sullivan in Humor , Video The folks over at Next Movie are at it again. Earlier this week, their first supercut of movie references in "The Simpsons" from seasons one through five blew up the internet, and now the hilarity is back for seasons six through ten, some of the show's very best. The supercut includes classic "Simpsons" moments like Mr. Burns' reimagining of "Be Our Guest, "See My Vest," as well as one of the best episodes of all time Kim Kardashian quotes "Itchy & Scratchy Land." (Hans Moleman in the phone booth kills me every time.) Check out all of the movie-referencing goodness in part two of the "Simpsons" supercut above.
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'The Simpsons' Movie Reference Supercut Returns With Season 6-10

Good luck getting this song out of your head. Angel Before Bella and Edward, Elena and Stefan/Damon or Sookie and Bill/Eric, there was Buffy and Angel, with a romance that set many teenage hearts aflutter back in the '90s. Not only did the couple have to contend with a major age difference and an aversion to sunlight, they also couldn't hook up without Angel turning into a homicidal monster -- Romeo and Juliet had nothing on these two. David Boreanaz's character was layered enough to merit his own equally compelling spinoff, which ran for five seasons from 1999-2004. "Normal Again" "Normal Again," a late entry into the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" collection of stellar episodes, turned the Buffyverse on its head. What if Buffy wasn't really the Slayer pics of Kim Kardashian and just some troubled girl? The episode took place in normal Sunnydale and with Buffy Summers in a mental institution.
Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/31/sarah-michelle-gellar-buffy-kickstarter_n_3682644.html

Movie review: ?The Smurfs 2?

Its part of a parents defense mechanism to walk into a the Smurfs sequel with low expectations. You know there will probably be slapstick violence, a retread story and indignities for the human cast members. A Smurf will probably break wind in a bathtub. And at some point during the tired insertion of the word smurf as an all-purpose action verb, it will be substituted for a profanity. (Are you smurfing kidding me?) But theres a dark and gratuitously negative vibe to The Smurfs 2 that makes it unfit even for the undiscriminating young movie-goers that made the first one a hit. Save the $20 and just take your kid in the back yard to pull the wings off flies, or burn ants with a magnifying glass. Theres so much torture and suffering in this visit this page movie, it starts to feel like Zero Dark Smurfy.
Read more: http://www.star-telegram.com/2013/07/31/5044447/movie-review-the-smurfs-2.html?TB_iframe=true&width=600

Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks 'Buffy' Movie Kickstarter Campaign

The film is scheduled to open Sept. 20 in the U.K., just a few weeks after the 16th anniversary of her death. At the moment, Britain and the royal family are rejoicing over the birth of Prince George of Cambridge, the new third-in-line to the throne and the first child of Diana's elder son, Prince William, and his wife, Duchess Kate of Cambridge. It's not clear even the most fervent Diana fans want to be reminded, again, of the sadness surrounding her death, not to mention her difficult love life. VF, however, is stoking the interest.
Read more: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/07/31/princess-diana-gazes-from-vanity-fair-cover-in-advance-of-new-movie/2601231/

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